In Borgoña (Burgundy, France), year 1777. Mr. GREY, a Dijon artisan mustard maker, meets Mr. POUPON, an important viticulturist of the region with surplus of wine vinegar, and create the most reputed Dijon Mustard factory at that time under the name of GREY-POUPON, market leader in France for many many years with their brand GREY-POUPON (leading today the USA market, brand belonging to an American company) replaced in France in the 1970s by their other brand MAILLE (owned today by the multinational Unilever).



GRUPO PRESTIGE has its roots in the former CICOSA (Compañía Internacional de Condimentos, S. A., then daughter company of the Swiss Reitzel S.A. ), an industrial agro-business company with a factory of 5,000 sq. meters over a land of 6 hectares, located in La Rioja (Northern Spain), created in 1970 by Mr. Joseph POUPON and Mr. Enrique JUNOY (in association with SEGMA, S.A. from Puteaux-Paris, FRANCE; LUYCKS Producten B.V., from Diemen – HOLLAND; Heinrich HARTHERZ, from Frankfurt – GERMANY and EUROLIVA- COMOLIVE, S.A. from Séte, FRANCE). Cicosa’s production activities were transferred in 1991 to REITZEL INDIA LIMITED in a Joint Venture with the powerful Indian conglomerate THAPAR GROUP from New Delhi, India, at Whitefield-Bangalore, to Reitzel Suisse (at Aigle, Vaud, Switzerland) and to Reitzel participated Zey Tur San (at Gedelec, near Bursa, in Turkey). CICOSA stopped then all productions in Spain and pioneered the cultivation and production of gherkins-pickles in India in 1990 (country currently producing 220,000+ MT a year at more than 65 established companies). The Turkish and Indian activities were historically developed within the family-owned entity now rebranded as GROUPE REITZEL, S.A. (www.groupe-reitzel.com) based at Aigle, Vaud, in Switzerland, whose origins were the former French company SEGMA owner those days of reputed brands “GREY-POUPON” (current market leader in the USA) and “MAILLE” (belonging to Unilever, today market leader in France in replacement of Grey-Poupon), Dijon’s mustard master-makers since 1777.

GRUPO PRESTIGE is not part and has never been part of Groupe Reitzel.





GRUPO PRESTIGE belongs to the Spanish registered company PRESTIGE GENERAL MARKETS S. L. (mother company of the Grupo, crated in 1999) based in Barcelona (Spain), specialized in condiment products, with a focus on the Import, Brokerage and Advising of labour intensive food agro-products.
The Grupo is formed by three Divisions:

– PRESTIGE as a full service IMPORTER.

– TROPIC BROKER as intermediate AGENTS.

– TECHNITROPIC as Technical ADVISERS, Quality Control and Product Development of new PRODUCER COUNTRIES.

GRUPO PRESTIGE has at its disposal a logistic warehouse close to Valencia’s harbour (Spain) where all merchandises are downloaded from the sea containers and prepared for their final destination delivery. In addition, it has a variable stock of merchandises in a warehouse in La Rioja (Spain). GRUPO PRESTIGE also owns the registered brand “Prestige (trade mark in classes 29 and 30).
GRUPO PRESTIGE is a good stablished platform permitting an extension to other related products (such as spices, frozen vegetables and fruits, other), which mainly currently trades with overseas countries including India, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Kenya.