Very typical product from South-East Asia. Mainly used as ingredient of salads and specialty cooked dishes. May be supplied as awhole product or cut in small pieces of 2 cms long as ingredient of salads

Technical Data

• Product type

In industrial barrels, in temporary preservation in bulk. For factories repacking consumer products only

• Variety

Sweet corn


Typical yellow colour




Conical fruits


Only healthy fruits, with typical aspect and smell, well graded and selected


3 sizes of length: 6-9 cm, 9-15 cm and cut in pieces (2 cm)

• Temporary preservation liquid

Acetic acid, salt and SO2



• Packaging

Industrial plastic food grade barrel HDPE of 265 L. volume

• Plastic mesh


• Net drained weight

150 kg per barrel

• Labelling

Label on each barrel

• Traceability data


• Adviced Best Before for repacking

Less than 9 months from production date

• Selling unit

1 sea 20 foot container , with 80 barrels of 150 kg each (12.000 kg of product)

• Country of Origin

India. Other production countries in preparation

• Finished product

Under demand also available in various sizes of pasteurized glass jars for the consumer market