Is a very common vegetable, widely consumed in Europe. Of very thin diameter (less than 6 mm., quality “Extra-Fine or Premium”) requires intensive labour for growing, collecting, processing and packaging.

Very typical product of various African countries, mainly from Kenya. Used as healthy and natural food, also along with diverse meat.

Technical Data​

• Product type

Finished product ready for final consumption. Usually presented in glass jars but also in cans

• Seed

Typical of each production country

• Variety

Dark green smooth skin


Firm fruits


Typical, straight, long fruits


Healthy fruits, well graded by size, accurate selection to remove defective fruits (like those affected by fly bites, coloration defects, etc.). Grown on trellis or on the ground. Stems removed by hand


As whole fruit, are available in various commercial usual sizes (diameter in mm.), emphasizing the Extra-Fine grade considered here

• Temporary preservation liquid

Brine and citric acid. Sterilized product



• Packaging

Usually glass jars (370 and 520 ml) but also in cans. If 370 ml. jars, over packed in 12 units carton trays

• Net drained weight

Depending on glass used

• Labelling

Jars unlabelled, only pallets are labelled. Final jars/cans labelling is made by customer under its own brand

• Traceability data


• Adviced Best Before for repacking

Preferably 24 months from production date

• Selling unit

1 sea 20 foot container with a number of jars to be defined (in carton trays of 12 units if 370 ml. jars)

• Country of Origin

Mainly from Kenya

To consult us about packaging to be considered and grade requested

Under demand, the packaged product availability is in various jars sizes and cans for consumer market. Make us an inquiry