Very old condiment, of increasing consumption in Spain amongst spicy food lovers. Consumed along with Spanish green or black olives and used as ingredient of salads, mixed pickles, banderillas, etc. Eaten along with pork preserves, cheese “raclettes” and Spanish heavy dishes (“platos de cuchara”). Small sizes require intensive labour for plucking and processing. Stems manually cut at required length

Technical Data

• Product type

In bulk, packaged in industrial plastic barrels, in temporary preservation in Acetic Acid, salt and SO2. For industrial use, for factories repacking for final consumer products

• Seed

For type red, semi-pungent

• Variety

Of each production country. No OGM


Intense red thin little pepper (long)




Typical, long and thin, even curved


Healthy fruits, well graded by sizes, accurate selection to remove defective fruits (broken, ill or those having stains, coloration defects, bored, etc.). With typical smell and taste of chilli in vinegar


Limited, mild chilli


Available in three commercial grades (length): 6-9 cm., 9-12 cm and cut 1-2 cm

• Preservation liquid

Acetic acid, salt, added with little quantities citric acid, and SO2



• Packaging

Industrial plastic HDPE food grade barrel of 265 L.

• Plastic mesh


• Net drained weight

120-125 kg per barrel

• Labelling

Label on each barrel

• Traceability data


• Adviced Best Before for repacking

Preferably 10 months from production date

• Selling unit

1 sea 20 foot container with 80 drums of 120-130 kg n.d.w. (9.600-10.400 kg of product)

• Country of Origin

Various (Spain, Morocco, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Viet Nam)

• Finished product

Under demand, packaged product availability in pasteurized jars and cans for consumer market