Is a spice of very peculiar and characteristic taste and flavour, for healthy consumption. Mainly used in pastry and confectionery industry and ice cream makers. Main producer country is Sri Lanka (former Ceylon). Is the bark of a bush widely present in Southeast Asia.

Technical Data​

• Product type

In bulk, natural, whole (or in powder), packaged in industrial batches (see pictures). Packed in polyethylene bags placed in carton boxes, in temporary For industrial use at the repacking factories for final consumer or industrial distribution

• Variety

Wild, natural, for industrial use


Brown small diameter but long cylinders




Small cylinders


Healthy fruits, well graded by size, accurate selection to remove defective pieces (like those affected by insects, stains, broken, etc.). From natural bushes only, of typical and peculiar smell and taste


As whole fruit, are available in all commercial usual grades. Also presented as powder as spice.



• Packaging

Industrial carton box containing polyethylene bags

• Labelling

Label on each carton box

• Traceability data


• Adviced Best Before for repacking

Preferably 10 months from production date

• Selling unit

1 sea 20 foot container with a number of boxes to be defined, depending on product shipped:
Bail Cinnamon: 22.5 kg net per carton (250 boxes, 5,500 – 6,000 kg per container).
Cut Cinnamon: 20 kg net per carton (250 boxes, 5,000 kg per container).
Cinnamon Quilling: 20 kg net per bag. (approx. 250 bags, 5,000 kg per container)

To consult us also about varieties and grades requested

• Finished product

Under demand, packaged product availability in jars and cans, in powder, for consumer market.