Table olives are a sound part of Mediterranean countries, olives trees always configuring the sunny landscape layout of countries like Spain. There is a large number of varieties and classes of available olives in the Spanish market, from green to black olives. The processing methods applied to produce Spanish olives makes them a more tasty product than the similar ones produced in countries like Morocco, Turkey, Greece or Egypt.

They are a very common fine condiment, highly consumed in Spain, pitted or not, stuffed or not, along with pickles and other, mainly as aperitif. Also used as ingredient of mixed pickles, salads and as garniture of various dishes. The tiny sizes needs a lot of work for their production. The most appreciated green variety is “Manzanilla” while the “Hojiblanca” shows less interest. Frequently used cut in slices

Technical Data​

• Product type

In bulk, packaged in industrial plastic barrels, in temporary preservation in BRINE. For industrial use at the repacking factories for final consumer

• Seed

Olive tree is a long life perennial tree

• Variety

Many green and black varieties are available


Firm fruits


Conical fruits


Healthy fruits, well graded by size, accurate selection to remove defective fruits (like those affected by fly bites, etc.). From perennial olive trees, of typical smell and taste


As whole fruit, are available in all commercial usual grades (number of fruits per kg.), emphasizing the bigger sizes/grades. Also presented as pitted olives and stuffed with anchovies paste, red pepper paste, etc. Some grades and varieties also available in slices

• Preservation liquid

Sometimes can contain SO2


Usually no but sometimes yes

• Packaging

Industrial plastic HDPE food grade barrel of 260 L.

• Plastic mesh


• Net drained weight

190 kg per barrel (unpited)

• Labelling

Label on each barrel

• Traceability data


• Adviced Best Before for repacking

Preferably 10 months from production date

• Selling unit

1 big truck (trayler) with 92 drums (15.640 kg of product)

*To consult us about variety and grade requested

• Finished product

Under demand, packaged product availability in jars and cans for consumer market